Friday, December 19, 2008


So the swatch last night came out as close as it gets to exactly the size I thought it would. Hooray for swatching! This means that it's currently in the washing machine, felting. It will felt easily, and hopefully I worked out the proportions correctly to have it felt into a square. For now, I shall save this post and see what it does.

Meanwhile, the ski cap has become a bust due to twisted stitches necessitating a frogging. I just didn't want to start again. I shall find some other use for the yarn...

I rock.


  1. How does one knit?

    The year Diana died (I remember seeing the telly) I started to learn knitting a bit, but I never learned how to cast on or off - I got my grandmother to do that for me.

    And by now I've totally forgotten how to do it!

    Any websites you could recommend?

  2. You'll probably find this lot helpful:

    I recommend trying both styles of knitting and using whichever you prefer. I got a more even tension going Continental...


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