Monday, December 30, 2013

Apparently, the future is a pluperfect hell.

As part of an email conversation recently, I was directed to a video on YouTube, titled "The Future of CX". CX is apparently shorthand for "Customer Experience", and while the video purports to show how wonderful things will be in the future, it is in fact a vision of uncounted ways to get things horribly wrong. It begins poorly, and only gets worse from then on. But, before I viciously deconstruct precisely WHY it's horrendous, you ought to watch the video. Here it is, and below the jump I will unsheathe the claws.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


I got one heck of a productive day made today, despite starting off with a serious whack to the noggin. My anti-anxiety medication had been getting slightly less effective, so my psychiatrist suggested I switch from taking it without food to taking it with food (active stomach means greater absorbed dose - this particular medication states in the accompanying material that you need to pick one and stick with it, and since it had been without food in the psych ward, that's how I'd been taking it) and the breakfast dose made me lightheaded and shaky for a couple hours. I wound up having to snap myself out of an anxiety attack (using a technique I figured out from talking with my therapist, who's very good at giving me ideas that I can work out the techniques from; she specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy, and I understand that part of that discipline is getting the patient to think they worked it out on their own) but then I got on with the day and was absurdly productive. Grocery shopping, mostly produce (when a 15lb bag of spuds is $5, compared to $4.50 for 10lb or $3.25 for 5lb, it doesn't make sense to buy anything but the 15lb bag), and then I got laundry done, got a couple meals made up, had to take over baby care for the LA for a decent chunk of the afternoon, and ran more errands to finish the day off. Somewhere amongst all this, I also found time to finish the book I'd been reading, despite not feeling like I'd had two minutes to myself.