Thursday, August 28, 2008

On honorifics

This morning, I had a sudden moment. The LA and I had been at the Credit Union, opening our new joint account, and then she had to do something that needed notary stuff. Once we were done, the notary person there thanked us... as Mrs Humphreys and Mr Humphreys.

I've never been Mr Humphreys before. At school, I was "Silas", apart from the time at private school, for which I was "Humphreys". At University, I was pretty much exclusively "Silas". Since then, I've been "Mr Silas Humphreys". "Mr Humphreys" has always been my father. This is the convention; my father is the most senior Humphreys male, so he's "Mr Humphreys". It sits slightly wrongly with me to be addressed as "Mr Humphreys", but I think technically I am paterfamilias over here. What distance is sufficient to break one's ties?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On Edge, again.

At the moment, my stress levels are running close to sustainable maximum. In fact, it's possible they're *past* sustainable maximum, since pretty much any significant input is causing my brain to start clipping, with unpredictable results (and since it seems my brain is transistor rather than valve, it clips hard rather than soft, and sounds ugly).

In just over a week, things should be less stressed, but right now, I'm not much use. Anything I haven't had a while to anticipate is going to result in me falling apart...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

On GMing

Setting fluff for my (hopefully) forthcoming campaign is now online at this location.

I may or may not blog about sessions.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

On transportation

I'm looking for a job, but as always, the sticking point is getting there.

We've been thinking of bicycles.

I don't understand modern bicycles. There are so many options, so much choice, that I just freeze up. Perfectionism is good when you're working; really bad when you're shopping, and not good when you're looking for work.

And my brain is still not fully working after yesterday's head asplosion.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On opiates and their role in society

I suffer from migraines. Those of you who are also sufferers will need no explanation of how bad things can be, while those of you who aren't... well, I'm afraid you simply can't get it. It really is beyond the comprehension of anyone who hasn't experienced it.

Today marked my first serious migraine since moving to the US. I hadn't realised until today just how effective a painkiller codeine is; in the UK, I was accustomed to treating serious migraines with a dose consisting of 1000mg of paracetamol (acetaminophen for the Statesiders reading), which was basically sugar for all it did pharmacologically, and 16mg of codeine, which was the minimum effective dose.

And I do mean minimum effective dose; what that did was reduce the intensity of the pain to merely excruciating, as opposed to the unmedicated level I experienced for the second time today (the first time being when I first suffered one of these; the fact that I NEVER experienced it again until today should be a clue as to how much it hurts), for which there can be no words. If you've been there, they aren't needed; if you haven't, you genuinely cannot understand, no matter how many words I use. Believe me when I say that even with the codeine, things still sucked.

In its way, that was a good thing. I thoroughly burned into my brain the association between taking codeine and things sucking. This made sure I wasn't even going to touch the stuff the rest of the time. Yes, opiates are addictive, but with the associations I have between codeine and pain, no junkie here!

But in the US, I can't get codeine without a prescription. And that means I have to explain to Graham just why Daddy spent about half an hour today blindfolded, in a dark room, lying on the bed whimpering, shivering, crying and twitching. If I'd been capable of tying a knot, I'd have gagged myself so I didn't even have to make the effort to keep from grinding my teeth into powder.

So if someone claims to have a migraine, but they're functional, they're either heavily medicated or they just have a headache and want sympathy. Someone who does have a migraine will be obvious; if they can walk at all, they'll be shakier than a politician's reasoning.

EDIT: and now the pain seems to have burned out, although the way I feel it may still be worse than the worst mundane headache ever gets, I can't tell. I just feel incredibly spaced out and my body seems to be operating by remote control.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

On Geography

I've been putting off finding players, because I detest drawing maps. I love thinking them up, but I can't draw them worth beans.

Or rather, I couldn't. I've just reminded myself why I love vector drawing: in less than a day, I produced this map.

I'm sure people will spot themes in place names.

Along with the fact that the weather wouldn't work, and the fact that it appears to be upside-down, what with the trolls in the South.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On relief...

So, the LA and I have finally had our wedding reception. This has been stressing the LA for some months, not least because we left much of it late, and so she's currently sick. Also, my best friend from the UK is still here visiting, so things are a wee bit busy.

My Savage Worlds setting is going slowly. If anyone feels like giving me unusual names for various metals, that'd be nice...