Friday, August 20, 2010

Planning ahead

I've decided that it's only fair to the LA for me to inform her well ahead of my spending any money. After all, she's the one that earns it.

With that in mind, this morning I pitched next year's con schedule to her. It's mostly unambitious:
Dundracon (Feb. 18-21, 2011)
Fear the Con (March 17-19, 2011)
Kublacon (end of May, 2011; date not yet confirmed)
Big Bad Con (Oct. 7-9, 2011)

The unusual one in that list is Fear the Con. It's not in the Bay Area like the others. It's the second newest of them (Big Bad Con is a new con for 2011; the organiser is someone I know by sight, and I'm looking to go there and help him make a success of it), in that 2011 is the 4th, but being out of state is the big thing. It would involve a trip to St Louis, almost certainly without the LA. On the other hand, Fear the Con is tiny, very friendly, and the con itself is astoundingly cheap even before one factors in the free beer.

I've been given agreement to do budgetary studies for these. Frankly, I'll drop Kublacon from the schedule before I drop Fear the Con...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Knit Dice

When I started to knit, I was short of ideas after my first garter stitch scarf, but rapidly realised that with increases and decreases, I could knit shapes. Then I decided, well, I'm a gamer, and I like dice. Why not work out how to knit the faces of dice?

The results turned out well:
d8 Mark 2

All sewn up

And now, I've released the pattern, so you can work out how to do it yourself. Have fun, and feel free to share pictures!