Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the latest project

I've started swatching, and it's going to be (hopefully) on size 7 needles. The yarn is knitting up beautifully, especially now I've stopped twisting the knit rows (thanks to Barbara for pointing that out; I figured out what I was doing wrong, and it was slowing me down as well - easily fixed, but I might use it for effect, and I'll deliberately keep doing it in the hat since I don't want to frog that) and it's giving me a lovely fabric. I may want to try some socks for myself in this yarn, once I've finished this project.

The intention is to knit up six swatches which are sufficiently off-square that when I felt them, they'll come out as near square as I can get them; then, I'll figure out what to do for pips (probably a contrasting yarn, felted), and then sew it up, stuff it, and let the cats at it.

Then, I'll start figuring out patterns to make triangles numbered from 1-8. That, I may not felt.

You'll know I've become really confident when I start doing patterns for pentagons numbered 1-12. That pattern, if I can pull it off, I shall type up and make available...


  1. Are you knitting dice? I didn't know you knitted (that's cool). I have embarked on a knitting project of signifiant proportions (I blahged about it on LJ last week, perhaps?) - with some wild cabling on the back - ambitious for someone who's never really done cables.

    My office mate (and knitting mentor) has explained to me that I knit in "Eastern European/Russian" style as opposed to "English" style - and I had no idea that there were different methods of how to hold the yarn and keep tension. I just copied my mother, who most likely learned from her mother (who was from Kiev, so it makes sense that I knit like a Russian). I hold the tension yarn in my non-dominant (left) hand, wrapped around my left index finger, and the right hand controls the pick-up needle, and that's it.

    If I were making textile dice, I'd do it in fabric and embroider the numbers/pips (or applique them, because I'm a much better sew-er than I am a knitter.

  2. Yes, I'm knitting dice. Part of the point of doing them knitted and felted is so that the cats can safely play with them - the black cat in particular loves dice, and tries to steal mine...


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