Monday, December 8, 2008

On improvements

The LA and I enjoy Arkham Horror, a co-operative boardgame published by Fantasy Flight Games. The setting is Arkham, a fictitious Massachusetts town, in 1926; menaced by an "Ancient One", a cosmic horror from beyond space, the players take the role of investigators combating this being. They do this by killing monsters, and closing the gates from which the monsters have sprung. It's a simple concept, but the game is exceedingly complex (it takes at least three times as long to play it first time around, unless you have an experienced player to help) and very replayable. Until recently, the Fantasy Flight website had a very good amount of support for the game, including suggested variations, FAQs and the like.

No more. Or rather, I don't know anymore, because the site was redesigned, and now I can't find anything of use, I often have to try again because the site takes so long to load, and searching is rather tricky since the plugins take so long to load, and they don't do text properly. Sure, it's prettier, but it's less useful. I strongly dislike this form of redesign; Lucasarts did it a while ago, effectively barring me from obtaining patches for a couple of games I have, because their browser and plugin detection disallowed me from entering, and the computer I was using didn't have the horsepower for the plugins they demanded.

Fortunately, for Arkham Horror, there is still BoardGameGeek.

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