Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On the Mountainhomes

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Still no bloody coal, apparently. Lazy sods won't go out and look for it. Construction continues on my retreat, but these damned miners are leaving so many bloody rocks behind I'll need to walk on the wall if I don't want to turn my bloody ankle. At least someone's smoothing the place off; I will NOT retire to a retreat with unsmooth walls!

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I found some bloody coal, and told the lazy buggers to follow the seam. It appears they've managed to; I've heard nothing more about a lack of coal, anyway. Told the guys to dump all the bloody claystone, but there's still a shitload of bauxite in there. Made a stockpile for it outside, in case we can figure out what to do with it. I was sure some bugger told me it could be smelted into aluminium (or aluminum as these bloody backwoods types will call it) but apparently not. It's a nice colour, though. Maybe I should designate it for making toys. The treehuggers'd like that. Told some bugger to clean up the goblin bits, too; it's been bloody ages.

26 Slate
Got a table in what will become my study. It's got bloody onyx spikes all over it. Spikes? Who the hell puts spikes on a TABLE, for Armok's sake?
Ordered Mostlyharmless to make me a platinum statue for my entrance hall. Might as well impress the hell out of everyone. I fitted a door, too. Bloody good one, same claystone as the surrounding rocks, but it's studded with platinum. I like this stuff, it's shiny and stays that way.

2 Felsite
Armok damn it. Mostlyharmless has cancelled my statue order. Says he needs more platinum. Told the miners they know where the bloody stuff is, go and dig it, and told the smelter to smelt it into bars because the picky bastard that he is, Mostlyharmless refuses to just use it even though it's pure when it comes out of the rock. Nothing reacts with this stuff, but for him it's got to be bars. Bloody jumped-up smith, just because he made a legendary bit of armour... greaves, at that. Why couldn't it have been a bloody helmet?
I'm going for a bloody drink. Soon as they've made my chair for the new office, I'm moving my work to there. Spikey the table may be, but that bloody nose demon is freaking me out. This desk is getting destroyed, I tell you...


  1. I already told you! Non reactive or not, it needs to be a bloody bar so I can hammer it out! If it's a nugget and I hammer it, it becomes a flat nugget you daft fool! Also, burn some trees! Make me some charcoal! Works the same blasted way! Pisses off the tree huggers to boot! Win/Win if you ask me! I don't sweep out that furnace daily for my health!

  2. Out-of-character: I have got to make sure McNutcase the retired ruler is listed as a grudge of yours.


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