Friday, May 23, 2008

On Edge.

I find that dealing with setting up services is usually an annoyance of great note. Today was little exception... first, CableCo. I'm not naming names, but they're a cable company. You all know what such entities are like. They have an exceedingly uninformative website, a phone service that's somewhat broken, and exorbitant rates. They're also our only choice, since the only way we could get a southern aspect for a satellite dish would be by bolting it to the roof or the wall, and we can't do that, and we're not going back to over-the-antenna TV. We need our Discovery channel. We've also got no DSL availability there, so CableCo is our only choice for internet (dialup? Screw that!) and we're getting our phone through them also. This meant cancelling the order we'd set up with the Actual Phone Company, for when we thought we were moving into a different place...

Can you tell this is complicated? I don't deal well with complicated.

Now, we also had to figure out DVR service. See, we had a DVR on the satellite TV, and once you have a DVR, You Can Never Go Back. There is just no way you can do it. However, we had to choose between CableCo's offering or dealing with setting up a Tivo (sod their crazy capitalisation, I'm using title case for them and they're going to live with it), and that led to much looking at the net, scratching of heads and passing of notes while the LA was on the phone. We're probably going to go with Tivo, I think we decided, but I got kind of lost.

And finally, because we're using phone service from CableCo, we had to cancel our erstwhile long-distance provider. This was sad; Unitel had given us good prices, great customer service and no hassle at ALL for a long time. As and when we get to pick our long-distance provider again, we'll be going back to them.

And now I want ice cream, or possibly lunch. I may poke around some more with the toaster oven in order to get toasted cheese...

Which reminds me. Must tell the LA that I want a toaster oven once we've moved in...

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  1. I recently bought a new Plasma TV (yes - I said a while back that I'd never buy a new telly, but it was really nice and the wife watches much television)

    However, this purchase now means that I have two (2) DVR systems, as the new TV has a built-in DVR.

    This gets confusing, as I can never remember what I'd set to record on the Set-Top-Box, and what recorded on the TV.

    On the other hand, it does mean that I can record three channels simultaneously, while watching a fourth.

    Which may come in handy at some point.

    All I need now is the serial I/O protocol for the TV, so I can control it remotely.

    (I just found out that one of our sales guys has his home Unison architectural system on a VPN, so he can irritate his wife by turning lights on and off from anywhere on the planet.)


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