Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On dwarves

7 Felsite
Never rains but it bloody pours. Bunch of immigrants arriving, and the farmer's gone bloody fey. Claimed the craftsdwarf's workshop, and has apparently nicked some elf bone from the tip. Didn't know we had any, I guess the bloody goblins must've killed a treehugger. Just when you think it's safe to hate, they go and do something nice for you...

12 Felsite
So we now have a legendary stonecrafter. Wouldn't you know it'd be Mostlyharmless's girlfriend? She's made a trumpet out of bituminous coal, apparently. Carved some pictures of dwarves into some elf bone and set it in. Bet the thing still sounds crap, but it'll be funny as hell to try and sell it to the treehuggers. Ordered the waterfall turned on to celebrate. Also told every bloody dwarf that can swing an axe and not chop his own bloody feet off to go and cut down trees. We need beds, and it'll piss off the treehuggers. Also, we can make charcoal, and then we can barbecue some of these bloody cows.

13 Felsite
Calls himself a hydraulic engineer? Bloody hell, the drawbridge is flooded! Turning that damned waterfall off again.

19 Felsite
Oh for Armok's sake. The damn waterfall is still going. How bloody long does this plumbing TAKE?

22 Felsite
They've knocked off on the bloody road again. Something in the way. Went out, looked, and bugger-all could I see. Useless gits.
Ordered a strip-mining project started, since the bloody platinum seems worked out. Also going to check and see if went up or down or summat, but for now, a big grid works well enough. Keeps the miners busy, anyway.

24 Felsite
There's a bloody cow in my retreat. Get the damned thing out of there!
The stripminers have struck bauxite. Just what we needed, more of the bloody stuff. They're also moaning about damp. Bloody wimps, we're in a swamp! Of course it's bloody damp!

1 Hematite
Summer. Already? Bloody Nora. I need a drink...

2 Hematite
Drawbridge finally stopped flooding. Gah.

13 Hematite
Oh, Armok, the humans have showed up now. Oh well, they should have some booze. I think we got fleeced on the trade, though; I've never seen a grown human dance so stupidly before. Got a load of food and booze out of them, and also noticed while taking inventory that we had enough platinum for my statue to be made.

14 Hematite
So the head human honcho cornered me and wants to know what we want. Simple, booze and cheese. We can make chips ourselves, but you can't have nachos without booze and cheese.

16 Hematite
Oh bloody Armok, the gobbos are here again. Told everyone to get their arses in, and shut the door. Only trouble is, it wouldn't bloody shut. Turns out there's a shield jamming the hinges, and HOW bloody long has it been there? Mind you, I heard one place had its doors jammed by a dead bloody butterfly. There's such a thing as too bloody fine of a tolerance, guys.

22 Hematite
I think the gobbos have gone. Told everyone they could go out again.

24 Hematite
Oh bollocks. More of the green bastards, and wouldn't you know it, they've only gone and bloody killed Mostlyharmless's bird. He is NOT gonna like that. I'm getting someone else to tell him. If he tantrums, we're all screwed.

28 Hematite
He didn't tantrum, but someone else did. Smashed a bloody door, and says she enjoyed doing it. Didn't have the heart to punish her, though, since it has been a bit bloody fraught lately.
Wish the humans'd bugger off. Enough to make you paranoid, all these bastards twice your height wandering round.

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