Thursday, January 22, 2009

On irony

This is, in fact, truly ironic.

You may recall that I have begun working out. I have, today, had to notch my belt in an inch compared to yesterday (same belt, same trousers); this is shocking, but gratifying, since shifting the belly was an objective of the workouts. I simply didn't expect results this soon.

You may also recall that one of my objectives was to allow me to get into certain trousers which I brought with me and had expanded out of. This, it turns out, will not be possible. Because the gym I have available to me has very little by way of machines which work out the upper body (there are weights, but I've tried them and decided they're not for me), the vast majority of the workouts are going to my thigh muscles. While I have no real objections to this, it will inevitably result in muscle development on my thighs. The trousers into which I wished to fit were not as baggy as other trousers I own in the thigh, and so any significant muscle addition to my thighs will preclude wearing them as surely as the waist expansion has done...

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