Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On the Inauguration

The LA and I are watching on PBS. We've snarked a bit...

[Jim Lehrer explains that Obama will take the oath moments before noon, to avoid a moment when There Is No President]
[I turn to the LA] "And you claim the US doesn't have a monarchy?"
"Well, what we don't have is power passed by the bloodline"
"Well, it's been tried now. Didn't work so well, did it?"
"It worked OK when it was the Adams family..."
"... Morticia would make a kickass First Lady!"

Noting the heralding horns, the LA complains that having valves is "cheating". My response: "It's the US Marines. Of course they cheat."

Shortly thereafter: "Today is not a day I'd want to play brass, outside, in DC."

Edits will be made below this line as more snarks are made.

Someone making a big deal about Obama's race provoked: "What does it matter what colour he is outside? We're all purple inside!"
Shortly thereafter: "We're running behind! Cut him off!"
The LA and I are not fans of shoving prayer into people's faces, ESPECIALLY in *government* where it *should not be*.

[Kitty demands entry to the bathroom]"We're not going in there! We're watching Obama!" "Actually, we're watching some fat git pray at us."

"That [Aretha Franklin's headwear] is a hat and a half!"

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