Monday, November 3, 2008

On truth

I thought I was going to stay out of US politics this election. Seems I was wrong.

Everyone in California, please go to your polling place tomorrow and make sure to vote "No" on Proposition 8. Even if it wasn't shoving discrimination into the state Constitution, it is being pushed deceptively. Schools will NOT be forced to "teach gay marriage", just as they currently don't teach marriage. Obama does NOT support Proposition 8.

Who you vote for as President is one thing, but please, whatever your politics, vote NO to discrimination, hatemongering and fearmongering.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled geeky whininess.


  1. The Connecticut Supreme Court is going to rule this week on allowing same-sex marriage there. The headline from the NYTimes radio broadcast implied that they were voting to allow it.

    I really hope Prop 8 gets voted down (and that the amendment on the ballot in AZ also gets voted down.)

    Viva la revolucion! (where are those damned accents?)

  2. Well, on a Mac, they hide under the Option key. This Windows thing seems unable to produce them, but can do them via copy and paste.


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