Thursday, November 13, 2008

On failure and success

First, failure: Tivo have rather failed at customer service. See, there's a bug. They know about this bug; it can cause season passes to fail to record. They could tell users about it, but they have not. This bug deprived me of my Mythbusters this week. I am not a happy bunny on that front, especially as I heard the words "det cord" bandied about.

But success: this marks my hundredth post across the two blogs I have on this service.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like my TV.

    My TV occasionally stops responding to the majority of commands, either from the remote or the facepanel.

    As this prevents me from changing the channel, it is highly disturbing.

    Usually the "Standby" button works, but sometimes it doesn't, requiring me to pull the plug.

    Comet customer service told me it was 'normal' for digital TV to do that.

    Sorry, but unless I get a better response on Monday this TV is going back as being not fit-for-purpose.


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