Thursday, March 27, 2008

On more than one subject

Recycling. You would think, in a state as hippie as California, that recycling would be easy, particularly given that you get 5¢ back per can, and similar amounts for plastic bottles. You'd think there'd be someplace on just about every street corner where you can deposit cans and bottles and have a machine count them and print you a little chit saying "this is good for x amount". You would think.

This turns out not to be the case. There is a recycling place on a street corner... the thick end of a mile away. I attempted to go there... at 3pm, they'd already closed. So, tomorrow, since I don't have any use of a car, the LA and I must get up early and drive to deposit our recycling.
The system is not set up for families which work...

Beer. Surprisingly, I have no trouble finding good beer while in the USA. Even beer which has been declared approved by the Campaign for Real Ale is available. If I get on a bus, I can even get taken directly to a place I can be served pints.

Darts. This place also has at least one dartboard. Since my darts are no longer in the clutches of USPS (having been forgotten in my briefcase until coming BACK from Utah - well done, LAX security screeners!), I shall be heading out to there and getting my eye back in - along with teaching the LA the basics of the game. It's not that hard, really - one picks a starting total (anywhere from 301 to 1001), and begins throwing darts. Any which hit the scoring area score points. The scoring area has 20 sectors scoring from 1-20 points, plus the bullseye. The bull has an outer ring worth 25 points and an inner ring worth 50. There is a thin ring around the outside of the scoring area which doubles the points scored for a sector (so if you hit the very outer edge of the 20-point sector, you score 40 points) and another ring halfway in which triples the points scored (hence the ability to score 180 points in three darts). Each player throws three darts, works out how many points those three scored, and subtracts that from the starting total (so 180 scored in a game of 301 would leave a score of 121). The final wrinkle is that when reaching zero, it must be done exactly (so scoring 14 when you only have 12 points left is a bust, and you lose your go) and it must be done by scoring a double (so to score 12, the 12-point sector is not allowed; you need a double 6 instead).

Eek. Wall of text. It takes a lot of words to explain something that can be shown someone almost instantly.

Thank goodness I wasn't attempting to explain LBW in cricket. The LA already understands that.

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  1. Re: Darts- all of which performed whilst drinking pints of said Real Ale, of course.


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