Monday, March 24, 2008

On the importance of seeing what is there

Today, I had to go and get more strawberries to adorn the LA's breakfast (personally, I can't abide strawberries without cream, while the LA has a dairy intolerance, leading to somewhat of an impasse, but that's by the by), and while at the rather good but rather pricey shop near which we live (it's very good food, and generally ecologically sound, being as this is a health-conscious place in California) I checked the freezer aisle for the blood orange sorbet to which both the LA and I have cleaved. There were tubs of it, and immediately below was a placard, the only part of which I registered was the notation that regular price was $4.99, while sale price was $3.99. Well, of course, I leapt upon this and grabbed two tubs.

You know what's next, don't you?

Indeed you do. When I arrived home, I checked my receipt, and found that I had paid $4.99 apiece for the sorbet. Naturally, I was miffed; had I not seen a placard saying it was on sale? Well, I climbed upon my high horse and set off back to the shop, receipt in hand and dugdeon in tow should I need to embark.

This time, I read the placard, and noted that I had failed to spot that it referred to the variety which was next to the blood orange. Moreover, the ticket relating to the blood orange stated that it was $4.99 per tub.

Next time, dear reader, I shall attempt to remember to read all of the offer before leaping upon it. This time, it cost me merely two dollars and a modicum of pride. Next time may not be so inexpensive.

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