Monday, March 31, 2008

On accessories

My costume on Sunday was rather bare of tchotchkes, which was a little sad... however, this was due to more than one reason. First of all, I don't actually have a pouch - this, I need to fix. Second, although I have a tankard hanger (which is suitably beaten up) and indeed a tankard (a nice brass job, turned rather than moulded), the hanger is useless as it stands due to the lack of a button. That, I can fix with a trip to the Fount of Wonder that is F&S Fabrics, and maybe 2 minutes' work sewing the button on.
The tankard itself is being cleaned right now, with the aid of some cola (well, I can't drink the stuff; it gives me horrific migraines), and should be fine for Saturday.

I also managed to get around to improving my boots for Faire; I took a length of thread, and simple whipped the ends of the laces, thus protecting them from fraying and yet not drawing attention to their distinctly non-period features, such as being blue (definitely blue... yes, and suede... no, I'm not Elvis), having Dickies stamped into them... I could have sewed on metal aglets, but that would have drawn attention...

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