Saturday, March 29, 2008

On good people

The LA was unable to manage workshops today, but we managed to beg me a ride from another guild member. Meanwhile, the Smaller Madam had been making my doublet and breeches, which was wonderful of her. I'm also all done with classes, and should be approveable for costume tomorrow... cutting it fine for getting a pass, but that's how it goes.

I discovered today that Land Rovers smell exactly the same over here as they did in the UK. Also, I can fake BFA with just a little attention to certain phonemes. My natural accent is close enough to BFA that more than once I had people thinking I was in BFA when I wasn't, and threatening to start cribbing from my accent. And the barometer joke went down brilliantly...


  1. What is BFA? This is concerning me, because my natural accent is the female version of yours.

  2. BFA is Basic Faire Accent. Californians find it incredibly hard, because they have to actually distinguish between T and D sounds in the middle of words, among other things they're not used to. The accent, however, is close enough to Hampshire that you or I can basically get by with just attention to word choice.

  3. I can't do Hampshire. I sing like Julie Andrews, though, which is a grave handicap when it comes to folk music.

  4. My basic accent is pretty much Hampshire. It makes some people here have trouble understanding me...


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