Friday, April 30, 2010

Take care with your advertising.

There's a discount grocery store chain that has branches in this area. There's one very near me, in fact. They advertise heavily on the annoying radio station the LA and I use to get ourselves out of bed in the morning, and so I hear their advert on a regular basis.

It's convinced me regarding my custom there; I'm never going to set foot in that benighted place.

You see their one advert is presented as an "interview" with their "whistleblower", otherwise known as a mystery shopper, who price-checks other places. They proudly proclaim that "he" works sixty hours a week making sure their prices are the lowest. Let me reiterate: sixty hours a week.

No company that considers 60 hours an acceptable work week deserves my money. Whether it's six ten-hour shifts or five twelve-hour shifts, that's too much work. I have this crazy idea that everyone deserves to have a life outside of work.

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  1. Welcome to America.

    That's also one reason why I refuse to let the place I work for "convert" me from a consultant to an exempt employee. At least now, when they ask for overtime, they have to pay me for it.


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