Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An interesting diversion

Last Monday, my younger sister arrived on a plane. She'd decided to come and play tourist, since last time she was over here (almost two years ago; I really have been married for that long!) she was only here for three days, and didn't get to do much. She certainly fixed that this time!

We started off with a jaunt to Muir Woods, via the Golden Gate. That was a full day, and very enjoyable; quite apart from the attractions, I got to drive some very nice roads! We also went up Mount Diablo, and then she started going into the City, without me or the LA with her. She's a big girl, and can handle it; and besides, I was coming down with lurgi.

Of course, as you no doubt know, while she was over here, Iceland got a zit. It's a young landmass, one must expect these things; but it closed British airspace. We're accounting her very lucky to have been minimally disrupted; she's at the airport now, and her flight is scheduled to leave today as planned.


  1. "as planned" -- yeah... it was planned to leave today... but it was planned to have left at 4:55pm. It is now 6:05pm, and she is undoubtedly still waiting for her plane to reach the gate as last I checked it was scheduled for departure at 10:40pm.

    So for loose definitions of "as planned", then yes - her flight is scheduled to leave today as planned. ;)

    We will miss her. I just barely started getting to know her during this visit, and I'd have liked to have more time with her. Darn job. ;)

  2. I love Muir Woods. However, my memory is of you living in Los Angeles, not San Francisco... When did that change? (gah, am I that out of touch?)

  3. That changed approximately two years ago... we didn't make a huge fuss about it, though.

  4. She's home safe - just in time to hit the rush hour getting away from the airport.

  5. Hooray! I'm glad she's home safe!


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