Friday, April 17, 2009

And I thought I was going to keep politics off here.

Seems not.

Disclaimer: I'm pretty left-wing by US standards, and I don't get to vote. That said...

There are a bunch of right-wingers who are apparently pretty annoyed that Obama hasn't magically fixed the pile of crap their President left him to deal with (word to the wise, guys: he's shovelling as hard as he can. It took eight years to get a heap of crap that big in the first place) and are making noises about a revolution. Ugh.

There's also apparently been talk of Texas seceding, on the same "grounds". I will admit that I haven't been following this one, but here's what I say to that: Go right ahead. We'll help you. We'll help relocate all the people who live in Texas and don't want to secede. We'll help relocate our discontented people who want to move to Texas when it secedes. We'll make sure you get a good constitution, and we'll make certain that you write into it that Texas can never, ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, receive any aid or benefit at all from the USA. After all, you're seceding over government overspending, right? Can't have you contributing to the problem, especially not from outside the USA. We'll also make sure we put up the border protection on our side, and we'll make sure the process for your citizens to apply for visas is in place. Yes, visas. You guys are going to need to apply six months in advance, at least, and have a damned good reason for wanting to visit the US. After all, you're a new country that recently seceded from your parent state while threatening armed revolution. Hardly the sort of people we want to let in willy-nilly, now, are you? Oh, and we'll be removing the SPR stocks currently held in Texas. Can't have that in a potentially hostile nation. We'll also be pulling out all military units, and levelling the bases. You want a military, build it yourself. We'll help - oh, no, we won't, that pesky "no aid of any kind from the US, ever" clause.

What we will do, if Texas secedes, is take the silly buggers back once they realise just how much of a cockup it was. We're dumb like that.

My main point here: if you're not happy, do something constructive about it, don't just bitch and threaten to throw your toys away. I have no respect for someone who thinks standing on a street corner waving a teabag is helpful in any way.


  1. This is US politics at its finest. Politicos on both sides are full of bluster but not really full of do-sum-bow-dis.

  2. Talk of secession again? I hope they do it this time... I'd be okay with 49 states. Or maybe NorCal and SoCal can split, that way we don't have to change the flag.


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