Sunday, February 1, 2009

On the Superbowl

Yes, I was around for last year's, but I wasn't paying attention. This year, though, the LA and I sat and watched a large number of overly muscled young men attempting to maim each other in a fight over a ball which isn't even round.

I've finally figured out American Football. It's been much compared to "their version of Rugby", but it's not right to my Union-trained mind. However, once I realised it was the US's version of Rugby League, but with forward passing not only allowed but encouraged, things became perfectly clear. The game was rather interesting; I can't pretend to understand all the tactics involved, but the actual gameplay was familiar enough to tell that it was a close match.

It was also familiar enough for me to see that the overall slightly better team was being hobbled by an overactive referee, and I'm still not convinced by the call on the final touchdown which gave the Steelers the game.

In other news, I've now put in a pre-registration form for the games I'd like to play in at DunDraCon this year. I'm hopeful I'll get into the session P Burning Wheel game, so that I can actually make an informed decision. As things stand, I've heard people I trust praising Burning Wheel, but others saying it's quite rules-heavy, which doesn't suit my style - although one of the praisers is also a very rules-light GM. I'm confused, so I want to run a character for a while. It could turn out that my homebrew setting is better suited to Burning Wheel in tone than Savage Worlds, but we shall see.


  1. Just so you know, your Dad wasa watching the Superbowl live too. Though he may have nodded off from time to time.

  2. No, it was a touchdown. He clearly had possession of the ball and tapped both toes. That's all you need in the NFL.


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