Monday, February 23, 2009

Descent of Wood

So, it seems that last night, Something Happened. We've been getting a lot of rain lately, which has inevitably softened the ground, and it seems that one of the trees around here was actually pretty badly rooted, because it fell over. The LA saw it when she went out to go to work, and grabbed me and my camera to document it in case anyone needs it.

What had happened was a simple lack of hold by the roots. They were extraordinarily shallow, and simply had no hold, so the tree fell. Luckily, it fell pretty much southwestwards. Had it fallen more easterly, it would have severely damaged the other end of the building I live in. More westerly, it would have done similar to another building. Had it fallen on a reciprocal heading, it would probably have done minor damage to the building across the pond. As it is, it severely dented the roof of one car, also caving in several windows (this car has already been towed) and caved in a window on the car next to it.

For most of the day, I've been treated to a soundtrack of chainsaws and log-chippers as the trunk was cut up and removed. Now, having gone out for an inspection afterwards, I can state that aside from one caved window, the second car is remarkably unscathed. The tree itself was a good three feet in diameter at the base, and so it's no surprise that the first car was sufficiently crunched as to need a tow.

And finally, when I took the recycling down earlier and stayed to rubberneck, I met a new neighbour. He's the replacement for a chap we knew only as "Scooby", and is a very pleasant fellow. I shall have to invite him over for a game of darts sometime.

I'm unsure whether I should post photos of the event.

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