Sunday, January 15, 2012


I go to conventions. However, after the joy of Big Bad Con last year, coupled with the problematic nature of DunDraCon's and KublaCon's game registration setups, and the costs of attending cons, I'm cutting back. This year, I will NOT, unlike previous years, be attending DunDraCon for the entire weekend; now that the entire seminar schedule is out, I can see that there will be most content of interest to me on Saturday, and so I shall attend only on Saturday. KublaCon is off the roster; partially because it's a slog across the bay for yet another con with a shuffler, and partially because I'd prefer to try and arrange for another con in May; Fear the Con has moved to a May convention. I'd like to go to it.

And if there is a Bigger Badder Con this year (I've not heard anything one way or the other), I shall CERTAINLY be attending it. I consider it my convention; I made friends, I had fun, and I hung out with people you may have heard of.

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