Saturday, January 28, 2012

The art of cheapskating.

Today, the LA asked me to check the tyre pressures on her car. All were in spec, but while I was doing this, the couple across the street set out an air compressor, and not just any air compressor but the kind with built-in wheels because it weighs a heck of a lot. Then they put out a sign saying "Free", and I wandered across to ask if it still worked. Not only does it work, they had all the instructions including the parts listing.

So, over the next week or so, I shall be cleaning it up, ensuring that it does compress air suitably, that the reservoir is reasonably leak-free, and so on, and then I shall draw up a prioritised list of air tools I can use. A compressor of similar capacity and quality would likely run me a good $300 at current prices, so to have scored one for nothing makes me VERY happy.

And of course I shall endeavour to keep it operational for as long as possible, since I want to get plenty of use out of any air tools I buy; and when it eventually does cease to work, I know I shall have to buy a replacement. After all, by then I'll have all these air tools which will be useless without a compressor to supply the air!

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