Saturday, August 15, 2009

Doing it the easy way

So, I have quite the collection of recorded music. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of my actual CDs are still at my parents' home, and so I only have intangible versions. All well and good until I want to listen to an album in the car, at which point (thanks to the demise of the remote control for my mp3 player) I'm rather less than well-off. However, this Windows box does have a CD burner, although the various programs I had installed either refused to actually burn, or refused to recognise my preferred compressed audio format (OGG Vorbis; analogous to mp3, but less painful for my ears), and so I was unable to recreate my collection.

Until, that is, I found InfraRecorder, which is free (in both senses, for those keeping score) and actually does both.

And now I have my music in car-compatible format. Well, that's if my stereo plays burned CDs. We shall find out tomorrow, when the LA and I head to Berkeley for a barbecue with a theatre company for whom I'm intending to volunteer as a backstage hand. I won't act, but any kind of crew that won't tweak my acrophobia is fine by me.


  1. I use an iPod-to-FM converter thingy and make playlists. if your car won't play mp3 files, you may be able to find a CD burning program that converts mp3 back to wav files, which the car will play.

  2. OK... I was using a non-iPod mp3 player with a tape adaptor. Now, the mp3 player has become unusable for this purpose.

    The car stereo is low-technology, having a tape player and a CD player, and won't play anything but audio CDs. The trouble I was having was finding a CD burning program that could decode the OGG Vorbis files that constitute the majority of my music collection and use them to burn audio CDs.


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