Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to the Big Shop

Yes, I've been back to Ikea. Now I have my own pans, a wok, and suchlike.

I also have... little better understanding of the roads surrounding it. They were the cause of a minor row between the LA and me last time, and this time, well, I got lost. Eventually I found myself on the right freeway, but heading the wrong way. Fortunately, I had a plan for that, and wound up taking the scenic route home. I do somewhat regret not taking the Cummings Skyway, though; it's a beautiful road.

And I'm almost at the point of having my odometer show all twos. When it does, count on pictures!


  1. I read "pans" as "pants". Uh, congratulations on your first pair?

  2. And yet, I'm actually contemplating giving up pants...


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