Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today we are being Swedish, ja?

The LA and I piled into my Swedish automobile today for a little jaunt. Along we went, reaching the lovely paradoxical stretch of freeway that is 80 East/580 West (and which actually goes roughly North) and swung off for Ikea. Yes, the land of furniture you make yourself, strange unpronounceable names (with the odd utterly perfect one, such as the Sitta seat cushion) and meatballs. Through long corridors we toiled, arriving eventually at the checkout with a stupendous expenditure, which effectively eats our returned damage deposit from the previous place. However, what we got is rather good at improving our prospects of liking this place.

Here's the list: Two chairs which go by the name of Ivar. Cushions for same, named Ritva. Four folding chairs named Terje. One kitchen cart by the name of Bekväm, which I carefully assembled wrongly (at a right angle to its intended construction, since that fits our space better). A Fixa toolset, to summon our screwdriver from wherever the heck it's gone. A roller blind for the kitchen window, named Isdans. And two bookcases named Billy, and one named Expedit, for storage.

I don't get how people can have such hatred for Ikea assembly instructions. They're about the clearest I've encountered, and make it very hard to fail. They certainly seem to be clearer than the instructions on urinal cake holders; I had to use the restroom at Ikea twice, and in both restrooms, the urinal cake holders were upside-down! That's only part of the reason I'm not a fan of Ikea restrooms, though; they also feature the dreaded blowers. These things make a lot of noise and leave you damp-handed. Sorry, paper towels for me!


  1. Can you explain or show a photo of what you did to the kitchen cart? It looks like a square on their website and so I'm not sure what you mean. Maybe my brain is just fuzzy today. :)

  2. It's not quite square. The directions have the wheels both at one end, but the way we have it, it's sitting between the fridge and the stove, with the longer side facing out into the kitchen, and so I put the wheels both along the same long side, and put them on such that it could still roll out from where it is.

  3. I think it's required that everyone own at least one Billy bookcase.

    I have a half-height one, and I think 2 very tall ones (with doors) in my sewing room (I think they are Billys).

  4. Turns out we already had one of the very design we bought two of, that the LA got at a previous employer's going-out-of-business office furniture sell-off.

  5. Also not a fan of restroom fans; they are either heavy-breathers rather than blowers(which,as you say,are a total waste of time), or they are decommissioned aircraft engines; where you have to hold onto something solid and plug your ears!


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