Thursday, June 4, 2009

New lawn plans.

Or rather, non-lawn plans. I was glancing through a book last night, and it appears that what I should do is simply knock down the weeds (must talk to the neighbour who has a rotary mower), and then dose lightly (optional) and mulch. Leave for a year, and then seed. I have to say that bark chippings would probably look pretty reasonable, I can always claim it as a drought measure to save water, and it would beat allergy-causing weeds. Unfortunately, bark chippings are expensive, and they're the cheapest mulch I can find. We'd be looking at somewhere in the region of $300-600 for the front and back, if I went to Home Depot, and it would take a truck to deliver all of the stuff.

Sigh. This lawn care is hard work for the bank balance as well as the back, although thankfully we've finally gotten around to having our friend the massage therapist make appointments for us. I fully expect her to be horrified at the state of my back - I've never had a professional massage. Ever.

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