Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pride and a sense of ownership.

That's how I'm beginning to feel about this house. The owner is... less than brilliant at getting things fixed. However, so far, pretty much all of it's been easy; the most complex was figuring out how to install the new latch into the front door, but in the end that was a simple drop-in replacement, and now one of our issues (that the front door wouldn't latch, meaning one needed two hands to hold the door and sniggle things such that one could close the deadbolt on exit. Now, though, there's a slip latch, so one can close the door and then lock it.) is off the List. We also got a big can of glyphosate for the Weedpocalypse; the... well, it looks like dwarf barley, so it's some kind of grass, the dandelions, the small thistles, and so on, basically all non-woody plants are going to be Dying Hard once I've read the destructions and worked out how to assemble the handy sprayer (and also gotten myself a pair of work boots so's I don't wind up getting nasty stuff all over my nice boots), and then I get to figure out how much area we have and reseed with the nice drought-tolerant grass seed they sell. First, though, it's the scorched earth solution, followed by the fun of cleaning up the results of that, and then once we have a lawn(!) I'll work from there. Repair isn't an option at this point, it's going to be simpler, easier and more effective to simply nuke and pave. Think of it as the lawn-care version of fdisk, format and reinstall.

Sometime soon, we're going to have the place nice enough for a housewarming.

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  1. You know, by the time you buy seed and peat moss and everything, it can be worth the extra $$ to buy sod - but then sod may be sodding expensive (pun fully intended!) there in the Frisco.


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