Monday, April 14, 2008

On hobbies

Ooof. I am tired. Of course, given what my weekend contained, this is only to be expected; when you dress in upholstery fabric and go out to walk around and be funny at people in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, for 9 hours each day, it's only natural that your weekend will be a little draining.

You see, I work Renaissance Faire. This is distinctly fun, gets me out and making an arse of myself all weekend, is about as organised as a teenager's bedroom (two weekends have passed, and we're only just getting our badges (I'm a Constable; think Keystone Kops, Police Academy, Naked Gun, and any other incompetent cop you've ever seen), I've only just gotten the wording and layout done for the warrant cards (next job: hit an office supply store for some good cardstock to print them on and some means of cutting them), we don't have licenses printed up yet (anything we can ticket you for, you can bribe us for a license for - the correct bribe is a quarter, and you get five nickels change. Half a dollar will get you a quarter and five nickels, and so on (and I'll keep the half-dollar, because they're cool)) and we have very few gigs set up. On the other hand, we do have the hang of it now), and really whoops me. It has also subjected me to more Boggardy in four days than the previous four years, really tested my ability to stay on my feet all day (Dr Scholl, I love you and would volunteer to have your babies), and gotten me appraised as a useful person by a self-proclaimed asshole.

But I do hope the temperatures stay in double digits next weekend. If they do climb as high again as they did this weekend, I'm going to grab a zippy bag, fill it with ice and put it in my hat, with a towel to provide insulation and hopefully prevent the temperature mismatch from taking me down.

And I have a monster to-do list for next weekend.

You always know that the ONLY time you ever get it right is closing weekend, right when you're finally used to it and could keep going forever.

If you're in Southern California, stop by. It's a fun weekend day out, in a nice place (aside from the dust; by the end of a weekend, participants can sell their used tissues as fine-grit sandpaper) for not a huge amount of money (assuming you window shop, anyway; buying stuff can be crazy expensive) and we don't bite.

That costs extra. Just ask at the Bell.

EDIT: This is how freaking hot it was:
Oooey gooey goodness


  1. I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at in that photo....?

  2. That compartment of the box is basically about three quarters of an inch of glue now, in one block, with the little jar of decorations embedded in it.

    The owner of the box was utterly dumbstruck when she discovered that.

  3. Not merely glue. High-heat glue-gun sticks. Impressive. :)


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