Friday, April 4, 2008

On dating

To the beachfront last night with the LA, for dinner and entertainment. We started with Fun On The Bus, when the machine ate the $5 bill (one of the new ones) and didn't add $5 of value to the card. We wound up with a credit for a refund for $5 less two fare, and found that the transit store was closed... that's going to be fun to figure out. We then repaired to the Apple store, in an attempt to find a type of cable they no longer carry (blast you, USB; FireWire is better!), and then it was time for dinner.

We headed off to get scampi and chips, in the British style - and it was accurate! Then it was through to the pub section, where I found that even though they do over-chill their London Pride, it is hand-raised. Also, a suitable way to handicap a darts leg is to play 301, straight in, and allow the less-talented player to go straight out, while the better player must double out. The LA ran me very close using this handicap...

Next time, we're going earlier.

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