Friday, December 7, 2012

An update on the knee...

I mentioned earlier that I had a damaged knee. It's currently not as damaged; I can put weight on it, I can get around well enough to do what I need to without too much pain. It's still not right, though, as any activity out of the most basic causes it to start feeling like it's coming apart. So clearly, this is not a problem I can ignore and have it go away.

Which makes it distinctly vexing that my health insurance providers have denied my doctor's request for non-invasive diagnosis. Apparently, an acute joint injury isn't worth properly diagnosing on someone with chronic joint problems. I am getting an orthopaedic referral, but I'm still annoyed at the refusal to cover any of the cost of an MRI. Not that they'd cover it ANYWAY, considering my deductible (or excess, for the UK folks), but if I just go ahead and get it anyway, they don't count the expense incurred towards said deductible.

And on the subject of deductibles, mine refreshes at the start of each calendar year. That means my best policy right now is to delay, in case the knee turns out to be expensive; and of course delaying makes it more likely it will be expensive.

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