Saturday, December 3, 2011

That was a little unexpected.

The LA and I had agreed that, for my swearing in, I ought to have a new suit, since I've never had one before. So, today it was off to Men's Wearhouse, and it turns out they have a sale on. Buy one suit, get a second suit of equal or lesser value free. So now, I have two new suits on the way; one three-piece (for which the waistcoat needed to be bought separately, and which is having to be a rush job on the tailoring; the trousers needed about an inch taken in) and one two-piece. Both are single-breasted two-button, both side-vented, both have slightly wider lapels than is currently fashionable, and both will look rather good on me. We also bought some varying colours of shirt, some ties, and (due to the aforementioned waistcoat and the "buy one, get one free" deal on items of similar class), a rather nice mock turtleneck which will give me a softer look.

I'd still like to go Hong Kong bespoke at some point, but two good lightweight wool suits will keep me covered for years yet.


  1. Once I actually have the suits. There's a little tailoring needed.


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