Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I really am turning Californian now.

It appears there's been an earthquake, centred in Virginia. Latest reports have it as a 5.9, and the Eastern seaboard is busy saying things like "Ohnoes!" and "Wait, was that it?" because they mostly have no experience of earthquakes.

Meanwhile, my instinctive response is to say things along the lines of "Now do you get why I really don't care? Because seriously, that WAS it. I'd far rather have maybe one of those in five years or so, or maybe not ever, than be pretty much certain I'll have to deal with a hurricane most years."


  1. I was all "who cares" about it, too, until I discovered my water heater broke (glass liner shattered).

  2. BTW, we seem to be getting it all this year... blizzard, earthquake, tornados, hurricanes...


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