Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mark it in red.

Today's turning out to be quite a big day for me.It started when I picked out trousers - I'd bought them at my peak weight, and they fit quite well then. Now, though, they're rather loose. In fact, they'd fall off if not for the belt. The smaller numbers on the face of the bathroom scale are one thing, but this really brings home just how much weight (and flab) I lost when I started trying.

Also, I just flipped the thermostat over to the "heat" setting. It's not that it's that cold (although I have dug out my ancient and much-beloved grey sweater), but it's hovering around the point to which we ask it to heat in the cooler months, and that's not happened for some time. At this point, I'm rather looking forward to some cooler weather...

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