Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well that was fun.

For certain values of fun, anyway. Remember the bursitis? I took it to my doctor last Friday, and he looked at it, agreed it was a problem, and to go with rest and ice, prescribed a course of a generic for Bactrim DS, which is a nicely effective (at the moment) cocktail of two antibiotics, both from the same general family.

Well, over the succeeding days, I took my pills like a good little patient, and found that I was getting more and more wooly-headed, irritable, and suffering a very annoying muscle weakness. This morning, I got up fine, but after having breakfast (which included the morning dose) I was colliding with doorways, and could barely stand up.

Turns out, I have an allergy to the family of antibiotics I was taking. So, we're trying a different one (or will be, as soon as the pharmacy receives the script), and hopefully those will have rather less effectiveness on me than on the bacteria. It also doesn't list any interactions with ethanol, but I'll be staying off the beer anyway.

Meanwhile, the bursitis is apparently clearing up somewhat. I honestly can't tell, since I see it every day.


  1. Started the new stuff last night (per the pharmacist's recommendation), and it's apparently going OK. I'm actually myself while taking it... the fact that I'll be done taking it on Sunday is a bonus.

    On the other hand, the cash price is about triple that of the other stuff, but when you consider that a) the other stuff would cheerfully kill me off, so it's not that much of a bargain, and b) my copay for generics (which these both are) is a measly $10, it's a better deal all round. Frankly, a roughly $50 cash price for this isn't bad at all.


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