Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's been a good year, and for Thanksgiving, the LA and I were invited to a friend's house. We decided to accept; the serving of goose was not a small factor in that decision. We spent the day playing games, and had a great deal of fun.

Then, on Friday (traditionally the day on which you Don't Go Shopping if you have any sense; America starts its January sales the day after Thanksgiving, for the British folks, and the Americans need no explanation of Black Friday), I spent the morning removing the centre console from my car, dismounting the switch for the driver's side seat heater, which was sticking because of a soda incident some years earlier, and cleaning it so as to make it switchable again. Astoundingly, I succeeded despite having to service a non-user-serviceable part.


  1. Cool - goose!

    I've been wondering about cooking a goose this year, as I've never had it before and it is the *real* traditional Christmas dish over here.

  2. Wow - it worked.
    All I had to do was jump the IFrame out of the page and render it in a new tab/window.

    Something is seriously broken here, and I suspect it's Google that did it - looks like it's doing something funny to the sandboxes - maybe expecting that the sandbox is 'window' rather than IFrame?


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