Saturday, March 28, 2009

Salty water?

I've been wearing glasses for twenty-mumble years. In that time, I've gone from being a small child to a fully grown adult, with attendant increases in the size of my skull. Since I was wearing glasses full-time (roughly 2/3 of the time, since for most of my life I've only removed my glasses for sleep), and my prescription has always been a high one (high enough that nobody is now willing to allow me to have lenses which are not high-index), and I have long preferred metal frames (to the point that I now can't even stand the metal frames with a single bridge pad; I must have the pad either side of the nose), there was, while my skull was growing, significant pressure on my nose. As a result, it has wound up with rather narrow nasal passages; I'm prone to sinus congestion (and, until I switched to high-index roughly five years ago, had in fact lost the ability to breathe through my nose due to permanent sinus issues) and I get depressingly frequent sinus headaches. Fortunately, pseudoephedrine clears them up (at half the stated dose; a full dose gives me shaking hands and palpitations, which I Do Not Like), but I'd rather minimise that.

I'd been recommended a neti pot some years ago, but couldn't get hold of one, and began formulating objections. Today, though, after a little discussion with Ray in the past few days, I realised that all my objections boiled down to "I don't wanna". So I gave it a try.

I really must do that more often.


  1. I like this primarily for the fact that your writing contains roughly the same number of parenthetical comments as mine does for a similarly-lengthed passage.

  2. As one who has worn glasses since 7th grade, into bifocals at 20 and trifocals at 50, I can sympathize with heavy eyewear. Bravo on the Neti pot. :-)


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