Thursday, July 3, 2008

On your feet!

So, I realised that I actually lacked any suitable shoes to wear with a suit. I headed out today in search of such.

Do you have any IDEA how expensive shoes are? The first pair I tried were decent, but... $450? For that price, I want them custom... second pair had a weird bump in the footbed, and were "only" $205. Note to self: avoid that shoe store. It's scary expensive.

So I wound up cruising the reduced racks at Nordstrom and found a pair of Eccos for a sensible price.

Although Mum, if you feel like putting my leather-soled black boots in your case, my dance teacher (!) recommends leather soles over rubber. The Eccos will do brilliantly for work shoes too.

And on another subject, I dislike cooking electric. The problem is thermal inertia; it takes too much time for the heat applied to alter. I'm so used to gas that I always turn things down late. I know the scent of boiling over far too well...


  1. I have a theory that every country has an item which is ludicrously cheaper than in Britain, and an item which is ludicrously more expensive. For example, in Norway everything is crazily expensive, with the exception of knitting wool. Over this side of the Atlantic we believe that America is the land of cheap clothing - but it obviously doesn't extend to the feet.

  2. You have to know where to shop for shoes. However, cheap shoes will make your feet stink.

    I think I bought my husband a nice pair of dress shoes for around 100 dollars (but that was a few years ago). Discount men's suit stores will have nice looking shoes for cheap(er) than a shoe store.


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